As the connected objects sector is rapidly increasing, the label “Connected Object of the Year” is mean to be a landmark for consumers while making their purchase decision.
To receive the Label, the products are submitted to a consumer panel as well as a jury of experts in new technologies & media.
By carrying the label, your product benefits of consumers and industry experts’ endorsement.
It will also be the guarantee for the consumer to choose a tested and approved product.


For the consumers

The label will be a real landmark for consumers who want to have guidance in the large choice of product that exist on today’s market.
It is also the warranty of purchasing products that had been tested and approved by a consumers’ panel and by a jury of experts.

For the distributor :

The label brings visibility and attractiveness to products.
An effective way to generate traffic and increase sales of the labeled product.

For the manufacturers :

The label opens up the possibility of sending strong messages to consumers about their product reliability, quality, the value in use … An effective lever to increase its market share


The contest results will be known on November 15th. From this date, winners have the possibility to make use of the label on their communication support (TV, press, print, movie theater, internet, packaging …) for one year without any restriction.
To be able to exploit the label, winners will have to pay a €2500 HT exploitation fee.

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